New Publication: Being a DJ is not just pressing the play

cover_issue_3106_pt_BRIn this article, it is argued that the activity of DJ’ing is passing through a growing process of pedagogization, evidenced in the institutionalization of experiential knowledge traditionally produced and reproduced within the informal context of youth cultures under the form of school culture. The main hypothesis of this paper is that the process of pedagogization of DJ’ing is related to the increasing symbolic revaluation of this practice as a professional activity, currently a dream job for an increasing number of young people. On the other hand, it also results from the increasing accumulation and systematization of knowledge in the field of electronic music production, as well as from the increasing sophistication and complexity of the technological equipment handled by DJs in their practice.

Ferreira, Vitor Sérgio (2017), «Ser DJ não é só Soltar o Play: a pedagogização de uma nova profissão de sonho», Revista Educação & Realidade, Número Temático Educação e Mundos Imagéticos e Sonoros, vol. 42, n. 2, Porto Alegre, Faculdade de Educação da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, pp. 473-494. DOI: 10.1590/2175-623664318. (English version: «Being a DJ is not just Pressing the Play: the pedagogization of a new dream job»).